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"I am both a full-time student and working professional with a fairly active lifestyle. I saw Jazz following a shoulder and elbow injury from rock climbing that made typing, writing, driving, and normal daily activities increasingly painful. I had gone to physical therapy but didn't feel any improvement. During my session with Jazz we also addressed anxiety that I felt surrounding upcoming exams and insomnia. Jazz did our sessions remotely, both on zoom and by distance when I was unable to meet. After our first session my shoulder and elbow injury had drastically improved and after the second my pain was completely gone. I was able to perform all normal daily activities without any movement restrictions. Further, the anxiety I felt about my exams had completely dissipated allowing me to focus on studying and I got my sleep schedule back on track, both falling and staying asleep all night without issue. The sessions with Jazz completely and immediately changed my reality from unable to perform normal activities, struggling to sleep and a constant crippling anxiety around studying for exams to being pain-free and capable of resuming all normal activity (including rock climbing), feeling at ease for my upcoming exams, and resting better than I had in years. I highly recommend scheduling a session with Jazz to address any ailment, she is a truly incredible healer."

-Ivy E. Seattle, Washington

"I’ve found working with Jazz to be so profound. Her work is heart-centered and gorgeous, and draws on aspects of grounded spirituality and the interplay of the body’s systems. I’ve worked with her at key transitional times in my life—most notably before and after orthopedic surgery and during important relationship transitions—and have appreciated her ease in translating the needs of my whole body in its environment, as well as her access to the deep and light-hearted aspects of how we can heal and grow. I leave her sessions feeling seen, so much lighter and more centered, with a more clear understanding of my body’s unique story and potential to heal."

Tori A. Los Angeles, California

"I’m not really sure where to begin my testimonial for BodyTalk. I’ve seen a big difference in my mental, physical and emotional health. Jazz has helped me with many things, but Covid was a big one for me. I had developed “ice pick” headaches from all the inflammation. After a few sessions, the extreme headaches went away."


-MAS, Canyon Lake, TX


"Over the past several years, Jazz has helped me with terribly debilitating, constant headaches that would last for months. These headaches would magically disappear within hours following a session with Jazz and not return for years, simply outstanding! As an added benefit of my sessions with Jazz, a sense of well-being and intellectual sharpness would arise as well after a session. I would recommend to anyone to entrust Jazz with any health complaint(s) one may have, Jazz's sessions are stress free and relaxing, without any work required by the patient outside completing the intake form."

- F.D. Austin, Texas

“The power of Jazz is she reflects back a mirror, a tender truth, where you feel recognized.  She understands your symptoms deeply so you can get to the root causes.  She has a knowing that calms the nervous system and a rigor of understanding the body so you can heal. “


-Annamma A. K. New York

"So grateful for having met Jazz and for her kind and inspiring personality! She makes her clients feel comfortable and heard and validated. Her sessions are deeply healing with many visible and tangible benefits experienced very quickly!"

-Stephanie W. Grand Cayman

"Jazz has transformed our lives through BodyTalk. Her presence is peaceful, and her sessions are deep."

-Brittany S. Austin, Texas

"While familiar with energy work, I found this technique(s) pinpointed the source of my physical discomfort so effectively, releasing underlying blockages. Jazz’ dedication and compassion takes the healing process to another level."

-Greg G. New York City, NY

"I have been a client for quite some time and Jazz Du Pasquier's work is amazing! Jazz takes her work very seriously and listens well to her patients. She really taps into the issues and works hard to eliminate pain and promote healing. I experience extreme joint pain due to arthritis in my hips and knees and Jazz was able to relieve a lot of the issues through several zoom sessions to where I was able to resume playing some of my favorite sports and improve my posture. Jazz cares for her patients and is genuinely interested in their recovery. I highly recommend her!"

-Sandy C. Austin, Texas

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